Let me tell you a little bit about myself ...

I was born in Nuenen on August 15, 1973.

I have 2 children, I am married and I live in Beek en Donk.

My hobbies are; of course painting, walking / hiking and especially in Scotland where we have walked the West Highland Way ... an unforgettable trip.


I had the creative in me early on and I made my first oil painting when I was 15, which was a copy of Napoleon crossing the Alps.

After having followed an evening course for 4 years, I went my own way, I wanted to develop my own style.

In the meantime I participated in competitions of, among others, the "Talens palette" and I have been nominated twice with my paintings.


How did I develop my own style?

By merging in a painting that I love ....

You can think of animals, nature, stories and sometimes ... a little bit of fantasy.

See my newest series "Magic Spheres" for this.

"West Highland Way "

Participated in;


2009    Art Route Laarbeek

2011    Art Route Laarbeek

2015    Art Route Laarbeek

2016    Eindhoven Art Fair

2016    ADAF ( Annual Dutch Art Fair ) Amsterdam

2017    Art Route Laarbeek

2017    Eindhoven Art Fair

2019    Art Route Laarbeek

2020    Virtual Aberdeen Art Fair