The original paintings


Oil on linen   H. 40 x B. 80 cm     € 875,-

Thinking of...

Oil on linen   H. 50 x B. 80 cm      € 875,-

Wishful thinking

Oil on linen   H. 60 x B. 80 cm     € 825,- 


Oil on linen   H. 60 x B. 90 cm      € 925,-


Oil on linen   H. 50 x B. 70 cm      Sold


Oil on linen   H. 40 x B. 30 cm      Sold

Good fortune


This 2-part was made in response to a Scottish legend.

According to Scottish legend, Malvina, daughter of a Celtic Bard, became engaged to a warrior named Oscar. Oscar was killed in battle and the messenger who delivered the news gave her a sprig of purple heather as a token of Oscar's love. When her tears fell on the heather, it spontaneously turned white. Although she was sad, she wished happiness to others and hoped that everyone who found white heather would be very lucky.


The white heather in the magical spheres on the painting can be viewed in 2 ways, happiness comes to you or goes into the meadow world.


Good fortune

2 parts

Oil on linen   H. 80 x B 40 cm  per canvas     € 950,-